How to Fix UI Lag on Xiaomi Redmi S2

Thursday, 5 March 2020 : March 05, 2020

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Xiaomi Redmi S2 is a smartphone from the long-established Xiaomi brand and there are many users from this device. This Smartphone has pretty good specs where this specification is equivalent to a low-end class. However, some users report various problems that occur on this smartphone that may occur due to errors or bugs on the firmware.

An example of the first problem is UI lag or frequent freeze. This problem is felt a lot of users and they complain about this problem. In this article, I will share the way to solve the UI lag problem in this Xiaomi Redmi S2 device. The way to solve this is very easy and requires no experience on smartphones.

For sure first, you have to download a File Manager application that can unpack up to a file system such as Root Explorer or maybe Zarchiver. Alright, here's how to fix UI lag on Xiaomi Redmi S2 devices.

Fix UI Lag on Xiaomi Redmi S2

  1. First, go to the File Manager application that you have downloaded according to my advice.
  2. After that search, all three of these files are hrdfix.rc , logd.rc and logcatt.rc .
  3. Locate the three files in the system/bin or system/etc/init folder.
  4. If you have found it, please delete all three files immediately.

That's how simple to solve the UI lag problem in this Xiaomi Redmi S2 device. Pretty easy isn't it? To solve it, we should delete all three files that do not work and no impact to the system.

That is how to fix the device in Xiaomi Redmi S2, hopefully this article can help all users of Redmi S2.
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