How to Fix Overheat on Realme 3 ( RMX 1821/25 )

Friday, 6 March 2020 : March 06, 2020

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Previously I have shared some tips for the Realme 3 device including how to install TWRP and unlock the bootloader. In this article, I will share other tips or a way to solve the problems that many users of Realme 3 have encountered. The problem that many Realme 3 users complained about is the overheating of this device.

This issue is likely to come from a firmware bug and it is much discussed by the developers in this Realme 3 device. Until finally found a way that was tried first and managed to solve this overheating problem very easily when you already understand about smartphones on the basis.

How to Fix Overheat on Realme 3 ( RMX 1821/25 )

To solve this problem Realme 3 device you must fulfill the conditions below because if it does not meet this condition then you can not run this tutorial.

  • Device Realme 3 You must have TWRP installed.
  • When you want to install TWRP, your Realme 3 device must already be in the bootloader unlock condition.

How to Fix Overheat on Realme 3

  1. First, enter the Recovery Mode or TWRP.
  2. After that the Mount System and Vendor first.
  3. Then go to the TWRP File Manager.
  4. Delete your recovery rootcheck and ck.fs files in the /systemroot/system/oppo. folder.
  5. Then find again both files in the /vendor/oppofolder.
  6. And lastly, you are looking for a recovery-from-boot.bak file inside the /system folder/system_root and delete that file as well.

After you have deleted some files that have been listed above please Reboot or Restart your device and try to use it. This Tutorial is successful throughout the Realme 3 device because it has been tested by some of its users.

If your device is still experiencing the same thing, overheat try to make sure that the files that you have deleted it has been erased through TWRP Recovery. That is how to fix overheat on a Realme 3 device, hopefully with this article can help all users of Realme 3.
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