How to Fix Display Brightness on Realme C1

Wednesday, 4 March 2020 : March 04, 2020

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This Realme C1 smartphone is the latest smartphone that is quite popular because of its excellent specifications and reasonably priced. This Realme C1 has a very good low-end class specification and is still quite worth it used in this 2020 year. However, there is a slight problem that may be a bug in this firmware from Realme C1 that is, the brightness of the screen is minimal or maybe too bright.

In this article, I will share a way to solve the problem of screen brightness on this Realme C1 device which is certainly very easy to do. Here I have 2 ways to be able to solve this problem where one of these can be done without using askes Root while the other one needs the access.

How to Fix Display Brightness on Realme C1

The first thing you need before addressing this problem is to download this screen brightness fix file which is only about 15 KB in size. Here's how you can download this screen brightness Fix file.

First way: Using ADB

  1. First, you should make sure the [Magisk] file is in the ADB folder.
  2. Then open CMD on your laptop or computer.
  3. After that, you can type the command adb shell.
  4. Then type the command su.
  5. The last one you typed the setprop command persist.sys.qcom-Brightness $ (cat/sys/class/leds/lcd-backlight/max_brightness).

Second way: Using Terminal Emulator (Requires Root)

  1. Make sure your device is in a Rooted state and already installed the Terminal Emulator app.
  2. The File you have downloaded also makes sure it is not in any folder.
  3. After that open Terminal Emulator app and type su command.
  4. Then type the command setprop persist.sys.qcom-Brightness $ (cat/sys/class/leds/lcd-backlight/max_brightness).
  5. Then reboot your Realme C1 device if you have the Done status listed.

This tutorial was discovered by @TechMashido and I thank him for the existence of this tutorial that can help many users of the Realme C1 device.

This is how to fix screen brightness on a Realme C1 device, hopefully with this article more and more people are helped.
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