How to Root and install TWRP on Realme X

Wednesday, 4 September 2019 : September 04, 2019

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How to Root and install TWRP on Realme X

In this article, I will share a tutorial on how to root and install TWRP on the Realme X device. To install TWPR on Realme X itself is not difficult because we only need TWRP Official or Unofficial to be able to install the Twrtheme. There are many also that you get when you have installed TWRP on your device, but of course, with the advantages, there is also a shortage after installing TWRP on the device.

Some of the advantages that you can get after successfully installing TWRP and gaining Root access are there on this list.

  • Can install a Custom ROM.
  • Can get Root access.
  • Can remove ads.
  • You can use ROMS with more recent versions of Android.
  • Improve smartphone performance.
  • Repairing smartphones is so much easier.
  • Can perform more complete data backups.

For those advantages, you should also know the shortcomings if your smartphone has been installed TWRP and already rooted.

  • Smartphone warranty will be lost.
  • There is a possibility that you will not be able to get updates from Color OS.
  • There could be damage to the firmware after root.

Before running rooting tutorials and TWRP installer, you can comply with some requirements so that the installation process of TWRP will run smoothly.

  • The battery on Realme X is at least 60%.
  • Provide the USB cable.
  • Make sure you have a PC or Laptop at least Windows 7.
  • Before performing the TWRP installation process, please do a backup of the data first.
  • Do not forget to download several files below to be able to continue this tutorial.

TWRP Download
Magisk Download

Install TWRP on Realme X

  1. First reactivate USB Debugging on your Realme X may be the same way as activating USB Debugging Xiaomi.
  2. Then move the recovery.img (TWRP) file into the ADB folder.
  3. After that press, the Shift + right-click and select Open Command Window here.
  4. Then connect the smartphone to the PC using a USB cable and type the command adb reboot bootloader.
  5. After that, the smartphone will go into Fastboot Mode and now type the fastboot devices command to check if the device is already connected.
  6. Now type the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img to install TWRP (make sure the name of the TWRP file is recovery. img).
  7. TWRP installation process is only briefly, and when it has been finished, TWRP is already installed.
  8. Now you can enter Recovery Mode. 

If you fail to connect the Realme X device to the PC, then install it immediately or fix the Driver for the Realme device on your PC.

How to Root Realme X

  1. Move Magisk to SD Card you own.
  2. Enter recovery mode or TWRP by pressing the Power button + Vol Up.
  3. After that, select the Install menu and find the Magisk file you have placed in SD Card earlier.
  4. Then install the Magisk file.
  5. Wait for the Magisk installation process to complete and then click Reboot System.

After installing Magisk automatically, your smartphone is already in the root, and for the initial boot, it will take quite a while.

That's how to root and install TWRP on Realme X, hopefully with this article can help all users of Realme X.
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