How to solve Bootloop on Realme 2 Pro

Monday, 2 September 2019 : September 02, 2019

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How to solve Bootloop on Realme 2 Pro

In this article, I will share a tutorial on how to solve Bootloop on Realme 2 Pro device for RMX1801 series or 4GB and 6 GB models. Bootloop itself is a problem that makes smartphones can not get into the main page of the smartphone or stop at the boot logo only. However, of course, the boot loop problem is arguably a problem that is not too difficult to solve because all smartphones can undoubtedly be exposed to this problem and can be solved quickly.

To solve this bootloop on Realme 2 Pro, you need to re-install or flashing the firmware on this Realme 2 Pro. Surely the tutorial on installing this latest firmware is very easy. However, first, you have to download a few files below to be able to run this tutorial.

RMX1801 OTA Download

How to solve Bootloop on Realme 2 Pro

1. First, download the following software packages.

2. Then Save the package to your SD card.

The SD Card File system format must be VFAT (FAT32)-often seen on small capacity cards, such as 8GB/16GB/32GB.

3. After that insert the SD card into the Realme 2 Pro RMX1801.

4. Then Restart your phone by pressing and holding the power button + Volume up button. The phone will start rebooting.

5. When the phone will reboot, immediately press the power button + volume down key until ColorOS recovery mode is open.

6. Select English and install from storage device then enter the lockscreen password you select through from SD card and select software package and install.

7. Wait for the device to update

8. Complete the installation by choosing to reboot the device.

9. The device has been updated, and your data has been saved.

For the second time I remind you that this tutorial is for device Realme 2 Pro with RMX 1810 code, so for Realme devices with another codename should not follow this tutorial because it may be an adverse impact.

That's how to solve Bootloop on Realme 2 Pro. After doing this tutorial, do not ever make mistakes that make your device previous boot loop. So this article about how to solve boot loop on the device Realme 2 Pro, hopefully with the presence of this article can be useful for all users Realme 2 Pro.
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