Troubleshooting Tips cannot be signed in to TWRP Redmi 4A

Sunday, 1 September 2019 : September 01, 2019

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How to Resolve Can't Log in to TWRP Redmi 4A

In this article, I want to share tips to overcome can not enter TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi 4A device.  Maybe this problem is a bit confusing some people because it is rare that TWRP on this smartphone disappears or can not enter. This problem can come from several factors that may indeed be able to eliminate TWRP on your smartphone.

As for some factors that cause this TWRP problem to disappear because it comes from your system and smartphone. Here are the factors that cause you can not be still to TWRP.

  • Try to pay attention to the Power and Vol UP buttons on your phone, whether you are still good or not. Because it is possible you can not log in to TWRP because the button is corrupted.
  • Check if your smartphone is in the condition of Unlock Bootloader or not. Because to install TWRP itself should already be in the condition Unlock Bootloader. If not, you can follow the Bootloader Unlock Tutorial on Xiaomi.
  • System updates may be able to remove TWRP from your smartphone, and I have also experienced it.
  • The Firmware that you use is already using an Android OS Pie or still Marshmallow. Because for both these OS itself has a different way to get into TWRP.

Troubleshooting Tips can't log in to TWRP.

Then how can I fix how to get into TWRP? Whether to do disassembly? Of course not. To solve this, you need to follow the tutorial below.

First Tips

Try to enter TWRP by pressing the Power + Vol UP button. If unable to log in or start Boot means the button on your smartphone is damaged and must be replaced to be able to turn on or enter Recovery Mode.

Second Tips

You try to enter TWRP by pressing the Power + Vol Up button. When it appears first boot see on the screen whether it is written  "Unlocked." If there is no such description, then you should unlock the bootloader first.

Third Tips

Wherever possible when you have already installed TWRP does not ever make updates through the application of MIUI system updates because it can eliminate your Custom Recovery. How do I know if the A can delete the Custom Recovery? Visible from the size of the update that exceeds the size 1 GB. See also a description of the update.

Those are some tips to overcome not being able to get into TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi 4A, hopefully with this article can help all Rolex users.
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