How to Calibrate the Battery in a True Android Smartphone

Sunday, 1 September 2019 : September 01, 2019

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How to Calibrate the Battery in a True Android Smartphone

In this article, I would like to share a tutorial or arguably how to calibrate the battery on a Android smartphone. The tutorial can also be done on all Android smartphones if it is eligible to continue this tutorial. For those of you who still do not know the purpose of the calibration Battery is what, the battery calibration arguably makes the battery become like new again, and it resets the data from the battery.

But of course, by doing this battery calibration can make the battery on your smartphone a little better although arguably later in the day you have to do this tutorial. Based on my own experience that by doing this, battery calibration can indeed make a battery that was previously wasteful to look thrifty, but the impact does not last long. Chances are you'll have to do it again if you want the performance of your battery by earlier ones.

How to Smartphone battery calibration

There are several conditions to be able to perform this battery calibration. There are a few conditions that are arguably less suitable for you who are still layman with a smartphone or are still new to hold your smartphone. Here are the conditions to perform battery calibration on an Android smartphone.

Conditions for performing battery calibration

  • Smartphones must already be in Rooted conditions.
  • Before doing a tutorial, your smartphone must have 100% battery.
  • Download a few files needed to run this tutorial.

You can download several applications and materials needed below.

Terminal Emulator Download
Script Download

Battery calibration Steps

  1. Make sure you have downloaded both files above the Terminal Emulator and Script application and save the Script file outside of the folder files.
  2. After that open Terminal Emulator application then types su command and then enter.
  3. Then type the command cd sdcard and then enter.
  4. Then type the command sh and then enter.
  5. Then there will be 3 options, namely calibration (c), exit (x) and Automatic (a) then select only (c).
  6. After that will appear Reboot request (Yes or No), answer Yes.
  7. Then your smartphone will automatically Reboot and make sure the smartphone is being charged.

After this, do not get used to restarting in the state is still in the charger, because the history memory battery could be wrong. If you want to restart, please unplug the Chargernya first.

This calibration tutorial does not make your battery more durable just that this calibration tutorial is just to accuracy the battery readings on the system, and Zeppelinrox makes this tutorial. Hopefully, this tutorial can help all Android users.
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