How to Dual Boot across Android smartphones

Saturday, 31 August 2019 : August 31, 2019

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How to Dual Boot across Android smartphones

In this article, I want to share a tutorial on how to make a dual boot on an Android smartphone. The dual boot intends that you can use 2 ROMS in one smartphone e.g., default ROM and Custom ROM. It is just like on a computer that can use the dual boot to use 2 operating systems such as Windows and Linux. However, in theory, both are almost the same as it requires a partition to be able to make a dual boot.

To make a dual boot on an Android smartphone, there are many conditions you have to do and all that is required to be able to make this dual boot. What are the conditions? Here are the terms to be able to make a dual boot.

  • Smartphones should already be in condition unlock bootloader.
  • You have already installed TWRP.
  • Already in Root condition.
  • Your Smartphone is not encrypted.
  • Has a minimum SD Card 4 GB.
  • If you do not have an SD Card, you have a minimum of 3 GB of free internal space.

Before you follow the tutorial, make a dual boot below, the first download some materials needed.

Dual Boot Patcher Download
Dual Boot Utility Download

Steps to create Dual Boot

It's good to do a backup of all your data, including system, EFS/IMEI, and others.

First, remove the Lockscreen in advance on your smartphone to prevent your smartphone from being locked.

After that, install Dual Boot Patcher and open the application. Open the menu by pressing the Third line button and clicking Settings.

After that, click Install Boot UI, wait for the process to finish.

Then return the initial kemenu then click Patch Zip Files and click (+) and select Add Flashable Zip.

Then select the Custom ROM you want to install and then replace it as shown below.

Devices : Rolex - Xiaomi Redmi 4A (Customize different).
Partition configuration:
Replace the Data slot for the installation in the Internal
Replace the ExtSd slot for the installation on the Memory Card.
Replace Id up (lowercase), for example, XP12

If you have finished your initial kemenu again and select ROMs will then be instructed to update the kernel.

After that click, the HP download icon then selects the + button then select Add patched file and navigate to the file you have Patch earlier. After that, select Keep Location and click Tick.

Wait for the installation of your Custom ROM 5-30 minutes (when installing do not close the app or replace the application).

Once the flashing process is finished, it will appear like this.

Now you can go back to the ROMs Menu and click the Point 3 button in Primary.

Then select Update Ramdisk and wait for the process to finish.

Then go back and select the ROM you just installed before until the green checkmark appears.

Now you can try to do Restart/Reboot when a UI appears like TWRP that there is a countdown select Skip Countdown.

After that, your smartphone screen will be black blank and wait. When it is more than 15 minutes press the Power button until restarting and when entering into the Boot UI select Cancel then reboot then recovery and Restore backup earlier.

However, if it appears Boot Screen, then you have managed to create a Dual Boot system.

How to return to the Primary ROM

The intent of ROM Primary is the first ROM you use before you install the Custom ROM in Dual Boot earlier. To return to the Primary ROM, there are 2 ways that you can use.

The first way

  1. Install Dual Boot Patcher that you have downloaded earlier.
  2. Then open it and go to the ROMs section.
  3. Then select Primary and Reboot.

The second way

  1. First, go to TWRP by pressing the Power button + Vol UP (for Xiaomi).
  2. Then Install Dual Boot that you have installed earlier.
  3. Then it will pop up the AROMA Flash view and select Next and then select Primary ROM after that click Next again and Reboot.

You must download the latest version of the Dual Boot file. If your smartphone can not boot, please Restore your Backup (that's why I recommend backing up data). If your smartphone is stuck in TWRP and vibrates 5 times, please replace your memory card as it is not detected. You can install ROM Primary, MIUI Pro, MIUI EU, MultiROM or else if the ROM is already decrypted.


  • If your smartphone is locked, you can log in to TWRP and then go to the Mount menu and tick System. Then go to Advanced then File Manager and open Data then delete locksettings.db, locksettings.db-shm, locksettings.db-wal.
  • If you experience a close force application at the time of installation because it is closed, please Wipe it in the ROMs section (click the dot 3 then select Wipe and tick All).

That's how to make a dual boot on an Android smartphone. Hopefully, this tutorial is useful for all Android users.
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