How to create a MI account easily

Wednesday, 5 December 2018 : December 05, 2018

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How to create a MI account easily

2 How to create a Mi account - Some smartphones have different security features, such as Apple smartphones. Your iPhone uses an iCloud named security system. While Xiaomi uses security named MiCloud if you want to use this feature from MiCloud, you must have an MI account.

Every Xiaomi smartphone certainly has this feature, which functions very much. Start from securing your smartphone with a lost smartphone protection feature until you can find your lost smartphone. As the name MiCloud, of course, it can also store your data. If you are already using MiCloud, there is undoubtedly a Sync Data feature.

If you want to Unlock Bootloader on a device that you have must have a Mi account. Then how to create an MI account? Of course, it's straightforward. In this article, I want to share 2 ways to create an MI account through a computer and a smartphone. Here's this tutorial.

Create a Mi account using a PC

  1. First open your browser (Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Mozilla, or any other browser) then open the registration site for the MI account.
  2. Select your country and then fill out the email form with your own and then click Create a Mi account.

  3. After that fill in the password form and fill in the Code Captcha and now click Submit.

  4. Then you want instructed to do the email verification. Click the Check your mailbox button, when there is no login email click Resend Verification Email.

  5. Click the verification button in your email, and you can immediately use the Mi account you created earlier.

Create a Mi account using a Smartphone

  1. First, open the Settings app and scroll down and click Mi Account.
  2. Next, there want 2 options:  "Sign in or create an account using SMS " and  "Create an account using an email address," select one.

  3. Because I chose to create an account using email address so next fill the form with your email and then click Next.

  4. Then fill in the password and click Create an account.

  5. After that, enter the Captcha code and click OK.

  6. Now you want instructed to verify your email and please check your email and then click Verify.

That's how to create a Mi account easily, hopefully with this article can help all Xiaomi users to secure the Smartphonenya.
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